General Maintenance

Here are Mugsy’s we service any SUV, Motorcycle, Truck, Company Vehicle, or Sport Compact.

On Vehicle Brake Lathe Pro Cut System:

This system will take any vibration out of the vehicle when your brakes are applied. Also, it will detect a faulty hub that could cause a vibration. This is the right way to perform a brake service.

4 Wheel Alignment

We can align cars, trucks, and SUV’s with wheels up to 22 inch.

Mounting & Balancing:

We can mount and balance up to 24 inch wheels. Also, we can balance up to 24 inch with this Hunter system.

Nitrogen Tire Filling:

This safe gas improves better gas mileage, and makes your tires last longer. (FREE with any tire purchase).

AC Recharging Station

This system does everything but makes you coffee in the morning. It fills, evacuates, leak detects, and detects problems in the AC system itself. Summer is around the corner, just a reminder.

Fluids Changes:

We provide all Brake, Power Steering, Coolant, automatic transmission flushing, and filling here.

Nitrous Refilling Station:

If you need to go to the track we can refill your bottles to win your battle.